Maintenance plans

The most complicated part of having a successful website on the internet is what to do the day after its release.

We teach you how to take your online business idea professionally.

Choose the maintenance plan that best fits your needs and keep your website updated with the latest technology. At the end you will have a unique and potent website as if it were the first day.

Standard plan 3/h

Standard plan 3/h


Professional plan 5/h

Professional plan 5/h


Premium plan 9/h

Premium plan 9/h


Hosting, Backup, Updates, Settings template, Content, Graphic design, New pages, Advice, Technical assistance, SEO, Social Media...

Your website will be updated with the same features as the first day.

Hire your free website

A website has to “live“ for maximum profitability

In our extensive experience we have seen firsthand how the customers that regularly update their websites, they have more likely to succeed on the Internet.
These updates do not just talk about content generation, creation of new products in a catalog or using social media, also tell us about changes in the technology used on the web. You have to think that Internet is evolving and taking new standards that govern the operation of this, so a site without technically updating will lose benefits.

That is why we have designed for our customers these maintenance plans. They offer the possibility to have a professional web site up and running with the latest technology and also provide the ability to make your site content is always updated.

Content management systems and e-commerce.


If your website is developed in Wordpress , Joomla or Prestashop , you can choose one of our plans and not have to worry about it been obsolete. Every month you'll have content and modifications for a reasonable price

A maintenance plan has

Let a professional work for you on internet for a very reasonable price.

Obtain professional advice, no strings attached

Find out the best adapted took for your needs and resources. a professional will advise and explain you how to get the most of it, which is the best option and how to use it.

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