CMS (Content Management System)

CMS (Content Management System) in short is a tool with which we can create and modify the contents of a web easily.

A CMS offers many possibilities besides modifying contents such as design themes, attachable modules... but it's true that once you have the site built using a Content Management System, major changes are made in content.

Therefore, this tool allows us to have the content of our web instantaneously and completely updated each time without major complications.

What are the CMS with which we usually work?

Depending on the purpose of the website will be best to use one over another.

Normally, when we have to make an online store through a CMS, we choose to use Prestashop. For any other website got some really good results using Joomla or Wordpress

All the websites we create through the various CMS are fully adapted to mobile devices (responsive design)

Each case is different, that is why we seek to analyze very well with customer what are the requirements and needs they will have and so select the optimal content manager.


Prestashop is as we have mentioned above a CMS or platform for creating and maintaining an online store, which offers a lot of possibilities in order to build an e-commerce optimized


Why Prestashop?

  • Optimal catalog control
  • Intuitive and simple control panel
  • Countless modules to expand functionalities
  • Orders and customers management
  • Easy to incorporate translations


Joomla is a Content Manager System to develop and manage web pages and is based on standards such as JavaScript, PHP, XHTML and CSS.

Joomla is open source software and is developed by a community of users who update and improve it.

Why Joomla?

  • It allows continually content change.
  • Easy to manage and expand.
  • Free software
  • Open source software
  • Extensions to expand functionalities
  • Good multilanguage
  • Very good for complex sites


WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that lets you create and manage any kind of web.

There are currently more than a thousand themes available for everyone on its official website. It is an ideal tool to manage websites that are updated regularly.

Why Wordpress?

  • Wide plugin system.
  • Very flexible CMS
  • User centric
  • Good multilanguage
  • Open source software
  • Very good for medium sized websites

If you are not convinced with Content Managers we recommend you take a look at our Custom web design service, surely we can offer you what you need.

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